OC3D at i40 First Winner

First Winner - NZXT Phantom Black

OC3D at i40

First Winner

There is one thing we always love to do here at OC3D, whether it's our monthly competitions or the huge full system giveaway in January, it's let someone have a better PC than the one they own.

The first lucky gamer selected is Nathan Wheatley who is 24 and from Worsal. His current rig was this very old Thermaltake V9 that we think he picked up off the Ark.

OC3D at i40 First Winner     OC3D at i40 First Winner  

Internals consisted of a Q6600 on a Asus P5P4TD Pro motherboard, running a Palit GTS250. A 520w Trust PSU tried its best to supply some power to the whole thing which was kept cool thanks to a Cheese Grater. Sorry kept cool with a Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler. We're not having that.

OC3D at i40 First Winner     OC3D at i40 First Winner  

OC3D at i40 First Winner

With huge thanks to the generosity of companies who also love to see those who are deserving get some free gear, Nathan will be able to spend the little time he gets away from his three children, gaming with far more efficiency. 

He's now the proud owner of a Black NZXT Phantom case. This is a pre-production sample. The stock for the retailers hasn't even left Taiwan yet and you wont be able to get your hands on it for another couple of months.

Inside that much better case he has a 650w NZXT Hale White PSU which should finally mean his rig has clean power being delivered to it rather than the Trust efforts. We're also thankful to Kingston for providing a 4GB 1600MHz kit of their excellent Kingston HyperX now nestling inside Nathans rig.

The CPU is kept cool with the Corsair A70 CPU heatsink, and the whole thing is kept tidy and flash with some NZXT braided cables and LEDs.

OC3D at i40 First Winner     OC3D at i40 First Winner

It's great to see a really nice guy able to have his system upgraded thanks to OC3D and our sponsors. Giving things away like this is a first for a Multiplay event and OC3D are very proud to be able to make thoroughly deserving gamers happy like this.

And here is Tom giving Nathan his prize, following a frantic "live" upgrade. So hard did we work that Mr Logan didn't even have time to re-do his shirt up. Nobody can say we're not committed here at Overclock3D.


 OC3D at i40 First Winner


To congratulate Nathan or discuss his new prize just go to the forums.

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Most Recent Comments

12-08-2010, 10:22:54

Hi guys,

I'm a total noob when it comes to overclocking and have only recently heard about it and what it can do.

As shown in the title, that is the model of my graphics card which is in my laptop. I'm not sure if it's any different overclocking on laptops as opposed to desktop computers?

I've downloaded a few tools such as ATI tools and ATI tray tools, but I don't know which one to use! Or where to start. I've tried "scanning for artifacts" and it just scans for ages without anything happening?

I'm so confused at all the numbers and options!

Help would be greatly appreciated!


12-08-2010, 10:48:21

Not a good idea to OC laptops fella as the cooling on them cant cope. Its a completely different ball game to desktop GPU's.

12-08-2010, 11:20:37

yep dont overclock laptop componants thats not what there for

12-08-2010, 11:58:56

Ahh shame. Oh well - thanks for the information :)

12-08-2010, 12:37:32

I used to overclock a laptop I had. You just need to be more careful. It had an ATI mobility 9000 in it. Would overclock 150 MHz on the core and roughly 100MHz on the memory. Made a huge difference in UT2k4 and temps barely changed. That laptop did have all copper cooling and heatpipes though. You just really need to watch temps. Go slow and take your time.

30-08-2010, 13:06:21

Indeed, and what the enthusiasts should be telling you (assuming first of all that you're willing to take it apart) that the thermal pads used on laptop coolers are pretty crap, and merely replacing those with some good thermal goo should give you enough of an advantage to try an oc.

This is ofc assuming you're willing to open the thing up - but do bare in mind that it can be that much more daunting than opening up your pc.

You can lube the fans, you can adjust the voltage on them also.

Ok, so you oc it and gain some small %, once you run some benchies, you'll notice you're No.1 in the hwbot listings. (you can actually keep the case open and direct external fans onto it to do that)

At the end of the day, you have a decent 4500 mobile gpu and you could add some small % to it - in all honesty, you won't notice in general use. Except for your battery life.

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