Lucid Chips on Graphics Cards?

Rumour Mill in Overdrive

Lucid Chips on Graphics Cards?

Lucid On Graphics Cards?

We don't often post rumours here at OC3D because it would be all-too-easy to fill our pages with every tiny glimmer of something that might not come to pass, and we prefer to only report those things that we feel are either true, or the rumour is so widely discussed that it's not just vaporware.

Such a rumour that has been growing in speed and volume is that the excellent Lucid Hydra 200 chip we've seen on a range of motherboards recently might be making the leap from the motherboard to the graphics card.

This would make a huge amount of sense because you would no longer be restricted to buying a new, Lucid equipped, motherboard but could take advantage of the many benefits of the Lucid Hydra chip just by purchasing a new graphics card and slotting it into your current system.

For those who are unaware the Lucid Hydra chip allows you to use either SLI or Crossfire without a bridge between the two cards and, most importantly, use an ATI and nVidia card in the same system with little to no performance loss over using them partnered to their native GPUs.

We don't have anything firm, but with the sudden increase in chatter about the possibility, coupled to the likelyhood of the ATI 6 series of cards appearing around the end of 2010/early quarter one 2011,  it doesn't take a genius to see what the possible future is.

As soon as we have something 100% concrete we'll let you know, but for now it's something we'd definitely stick a bit of money on.

Does the thought of keeping your current motherboard and gaining the Lucid benefits excite you as much as it does us? If so discuss in our forums.

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03-09-2010, 05:37:04

Today we look at a P55 board from Biostar, the TPower I55. Is it great value, or is it cheap for a reason?

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03-09-2010, 05:44:34

Scrotie McBoogerballs
11.59? I'll have five.... :D

Right, I'll stop extracting the urine and read it now :D

OK fantastic review as ever lads, ta muchly :)

There were two things that had me in stitches.

Firstly this -


And then this. I think the person who designed this is from Yorkshire. Down't t'pub for a pint of bitter and t'chip butty :lol:


03-09-2010, 05:49:29

Think you need to clean your glasses and have another coffee dude :D

03-09-2010, 06:00:03

Scrotie McBoogerballs
Oooo ya sneaky bugger :D I should've screen grabbed it :D

Haha, I can't stop saying "Be sure to have t'fun with t'overclocker" in a Yorkshire accent.

hahahaha !

03-09-2010, 07:08:47


Oooo ya sneaky bugger :D I should've screen grabbed it :D

Haha, I can't stop saying "Be sure to have t'fun with t'overclocker" in a Yorkshire accent.

hahahaha !

Aiiiigh t'be sure t'be sure.

Great review mr veebles as per usual :)

03-09-2010, 08:55:54


At first this seems like a great P55 board !
Al tho i personally don't like all these pre overclocking features, seems all the P55 boards have them now ...

this OC genie on my MSI P55-GD65 is a complete joke ! EDIT sorry i mean i just doesn't seem to work , all it does is BSOD lock...
and i believe my EVGA P55-FTW has the option in the bios ?!

03-09-2010, 10:58:15

I usually only look at ASUS,GIGABYTE,MSI when it comes to motherboards but it seems that Biostar are starting to produce some good quality boards with reasonable prices so I’ll give this baby four out of five and hope they continue the good work.

03-09-2010, 11:37:56

I have a Biostar TPower i45 mobo as I read of huge overclocks (3000hz fsb on DDR2 core2duo etc) :D

I previously had a Asus mobo and the biostar is much better altho I think this is possibly because I went from a i975x to a iP45 :D but not really had any problems with the Biostar mobo.

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