Win an ASUS Maximus III Extreme with OC3D

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Win an ASUS Maximus III Extreme with OC3D


It's competition time again, and this time we've teamed up with our buddies over at ASUS to give a Maximus III Extreme LGA1156 motherboard! Recently reviewed on OC3D, this awesome piece of circuitry walked away with our "Performance" award thanks to its perfect 10 score in everything but the price category. Of course, price should be of no concern to one lucky reader as on Wednesday 26th May we'll be picking someone from the list of entrants to have this prize delivered to their door FREE!

So, what do you need to do to enter? Is it one of our famous needle-in-a-haystack treasure hunts? Nope. How about a 100 word essay on why you love ASUS so much? Nope. All you have to do is fill in the form below, agreeing to register for their product updates newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time).

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Most Recent Comments

23-04-2010, 15:06:33

Hi there OC3D. I´m here to bother you with my noobish qusetions and my bad grammar and typos, but try to bare. Im a first timer when it comes to a watercooling, so i need much help and clearification for many things. First of all, i tried to solve my problems with my native lanquage (Phinnish that is), but yet again the forums that i tried lack people, so i allways get only a couple of anwsers. And on top of that, theres allways flamewars about diffirent methods like push and pull, so i thought id register here to get sort of a second opinion. No lets get to the topic.

The summer is coming fast, and we all are happy and run joyfully in the fields. For the summer vocation, i thought i need something to do, so i decided to build a case. My old one is kinda of a behemot and a real fingerprint magnet, so a new case is definitely something good to do. The case will be built out of 3mm thick aluminium, and its gonna be compact and simple. I dont want thousands of leds, nitros, spinning rimms nor anything like that. I wanna keep it simple. The basic concept it something very close to what the is. Im gonna keep updating this thread and asking more guestions as my plans move along, but for starters, ill ask this:

For radiators im thinking about two 2x140mm rads. One will be mounted on the top of the case, and the other on the front, both pulling. They should do the cooling job for my 965be (the c3 version), and my 5970. Can the rads handle it. And oh, are some rads that i can get easily. Do the slim rads have enough cooling power to pull this off, or do i have to use the big boys. Now its crucial to pick the rads before designin the case, because as i said, i wanna keep it small.

I have concidered dropping off the 5´25 inc bays completely to save some room. I can use an external dvd-drive, and i dont have any wiggle-wagglers to fill any more bays. For fan controlling i will buy a gizmo, but for example, the Kaze Master Server can be cutted to be ocly few centimeres deep.

wow, thats a pretty long novel for my scale. Beats the school stuff.

23-04-2010, 16:31:33

Well I guess the question is, how good of cooling do you want? Do you want just above room temperature or right at ambient temperature? How hot do you keep your room/house. What is your budget like?

If you want the best performance then a 3 fan rad will be the best bet as far as I've read. A slim rad will save space but won't have the performance like a regular rad. And if you want really good cooling then a slim rad is the last to look at.

23-04-2010, 17:13:57

Yeah, im going with two 2x140mm rads, so combined that makes 560mm of rad. So id think thats enough, since im not planning to OC, atleast for now. But is it enough of slim rads. I prefer slims over the fatties, since what i have heard, they better suited for low rpm fans, which means more quiet pc. And another thing i have heard is that you dont need to shrouds for those. When slim rad itself isnt as fat as the regular ones, and theres the shroud issue too, the space saved would be pretty big. So id go with those if possible. The room temps good enough for me, i guess. Whats the diffirence btw, im not yeat very familiar with watercooling. The only reason for a lower temperature i can come up with is the longer lifespan of the components.

EDIT: I swapped my order for a 5970 to 5870 because it would take forever to get a 5970 here,

27-04-2010, 18:51:09

Well lower temperature means higher OC with the added benefit of longer lifespan. ;)

I think two slims would be fine since your not going to OC. But if you want to future proof yourself for a big OC then I've always heard fatties are better.

13-07-2010, 12:17:50

i agree with steve-o-

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