ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme First Look!

First Look!

ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Teaser

Crosshair IV Extreme Teaser

I'm sure you're all sick of the Election by now, we know we are. So if you want a little something to take your mind off of a hung Parliment and various mud-slinging then OC3D are here to serve.

Instead of a coalition between Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Tories, would you be more interested in a very early preview of the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme?

Details are still very scarce because this is such a sneak peek, but there are a few things we know.

Starting with the looks, ASUS have followed the RoG theme to the letter with the black and red theme all over the board. The PCI-E slots are red with the single PCI slot being black. We believe the SATA 6 are red, and the two black ports are SATA2.

ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Teaser 

Next on the list is the always useful dual-BIOS feature. Any overclocking board worth its salt will have dual-BIOS to help recover from those situations in which you've pushed a little too far and, similar to the Maximus III Extreme, this has a button to manually choose between them.

 ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Teaser 

For those with water-loops ASUS have included the PCIe x16 switches to manually turn cards on and off so you can fault find without needing to drain your loop a dozen times.

 ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Teaser 

Anyone who's read our reviews of recent RoG motherboards will be aware of the ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth functionality, and we're pleased to see it's made it's way to the premium AMD 890FX motherboard too.

ASUS Crosshair IV  Extreme Teaser

Saving the best until last, we have a Lucid chip. This is a magical box of tricks that allows you to run both nVidia and ATI graphics cards on the same motherboard. Finally the ATI boys can have PhysX.

 ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Teaser

Keep an eye on OC3D for a review as soon as we get our hands on a final revision of this motherboard, and thanks to our spy for obtaining these pictures.

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20-04-2010, 16:44:01


Hey everyone. Not sure if you have seen this contest being put on by Gigabyte so I am just posting it here for you guys to check out.

If this is in the wrong section, sorry about that and please feel free to move it.

Good Luck !

■ Competition entry period is scheduled - "April 12 to April 30, 2010 by Pacific Time, USA"

■ Scoring method
• Final Score (in seconds) = Intel Burn Test (in seconds) / 10 + Super Pi 1M (in seconds)
• For Example:
Intel Burn Test score = 119.67 sec
Super Pi 1m time = 10.374 sec
Final Score = 119.67/10 + 10.374 = 22.341 (sec)

■ No limit to number of individual submissions

■ Hardware requirements
• Contestants MUST use "GABYTE P55 chipset motherboard" for competition (See Gigabyte models list on hom
• CPUs are limited to Intel Socket 1156 CPU retail version on • ly (See list of acceptable processors on homepage
• There are no other hardware or software limitations for the competition, including VGA, memory, HDD, OS..etc
• Any kind of cooling apparatus is allowed, such as air cooling, water cooling, dry ice or LN2
• Engineering Sample components are not allowed
• All components must be retail available

■ Score post requirements
• Contestants are required to post pictures of their motherboard and CPU throughout the competition along with
results screenshots
• Contestants need to submit their scores within the scheduled time
• Must screen shot the score and hardware list to post on
• Benchmark results must be published to be eligible
• No posting of old results. All submissions must have a date on final result screenshot and must be uploaded in JPEG file format
1920 x 1200 (Max Resolution) 2 MB (Max File Size)
• GIGABYTE reserves the right to reject any entry

■ GIGABYTE will judge the winners based on the ranking of attendees final

■ Award provided for first, second and third place for overall highest total score (in case of tie Super pi)

■ Qualifications
• Register as a member on GIGABYTE P55 OC Contest microsite
• Contestants must be 16 years or older to participate.
• Contestant must be located in the USA or Canada; prizes will be sent to a USA or Canada address only

■ Any questions, please email to [email][/email]

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