Adding a top mounted Window and Fan

Tool Requirements and Method


Note: Please remove all of the innards of your PC, including the PSU. They tend not to like metal shavings at all, don't say you weren't warned. Any subsequent damage caused to the case or hardware by the user following this guide, is entirely the responsibility of the user. OC3D Forum and staff shall be held free of any liability from the following of this guide. It is posted here merely as a reference, and any information contained within is not necessarily the expressed views/ opinions of OC3D.

Materials required

*Dremel or Jigsaw (pls use safety glasses and ear plugs);
*Drill (if you're using the jigsaw, this will make the hole to start your cutting);
*Utility knife;
*Masking tape;
*Measuring tape;
*Rubber moulding with locking strip (available from any rubber products stockist);
*Perspex sheetiing (preferably 5mm or thicker, any thinner and it is prone to fracture);
*3/16" washer, and
*about an hour of your time.

Step 1

First you need to measure and mark out where you want the perspex window to go, pay careful attention to your PSU position and any optical drives that may be in the way once the case has been re-assembled. Cut out your perspex using either the dremel or jigsaw, the simpler the shape, the easier it will be to fit. I recommend the jigsaw, using the dremel on too high a speed can melt the perspex. Once you have the shape you want, place the perspex on top of the case in its correct position, and use the 3/16" washer and pencil to trace the outline of the window (this will be the line, that you cut) Use the masking tape to cover around the sides of your case completely. This will keep you from scratching the panel when you are cutting out for the window.

Masking upe

Above: Case prepared for the cutting process, note the tape to prevent scratching. You should be able to see the faint pencil line that will act as a stencil when using the dremel
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Thanks Ionicle, the thought is appreciated regardless :)

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05-11-2007, 15:12:14

Out of interest, as i am planning to give my Aplus CS-188AF a top window, as the side fan makes a decent side window near impossible, where can i get hold of rubber moulding strips from the UK? can anybody link me too a site? i am i think, right in saying that i can get the perspex from a building merchants?

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Fatal M
If U Dont Mind Checking The Link ! it looks dead to me :D

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